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Moved from another forum... '74 GTV:

I've been remiss in responding to other threads relative to my engine build and carb setup... suffice it to say the car is running great. I may still experiment with jetting but I'm very happy with the power and driveability.

I recently attended the AROC convention here in the Northeast and had my first opportunity to get the car on track since the engine rebuild. Now I'm interested in improving my lap times and think it's more suspension than engine at this point. This is a street/track car so I don't want to go crazy (maybe my next one).

I have the centerline performance springs and koni reds that have brought the car to a better ride height with a lot less roll and better balance. The koni's are set pretty stiff. Poly bushings for the front sway bar (standard thickness), front of the trailing arms, and rear sway bar, with rubber everywhere else (can't remember why but I think it was a recommendation from someone here). The wheels are 15x7 rotas and the current tires are Toyo Proxes 205/55/15.

I was doing a good lap of around 1:40 at Thompson here in CT late in the day. I'm not sure how much was driver and how much was car related, but I think I could get a little more speed out of the corners with a few improvements. Here's what I'm thinking:

- Thicker front sway bar
- Adjustable camber
- Watts Link?

I've done a lot of research and know that if it's not an all-out race car that removing the rear sway bar is recommended. I don't think the car oversteers significantly, although I did spin once at Thompson when I was braking too late and then threw it into the hairpin off-balance. I actually thought the oversteer was a positive at the autocross and was very predictable. I really don't feel much understeer unless I'm going to fast into a corner (pucker factor increases significantly).

I've tried to provide a good basis for discussion but know that it's going to be a give-take with so many variables.


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