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There was a thread a couple/three years ago called "Suspension Modeling" which was a pretty good one. bobseyeopener provided some suspension measurements (front) for the GTV6.

About a year prior to that there was a really great debate/discussion (argument) on drop spindles.

So I was out back getting some measurements for the deDion rear and thought I'd crunch some numbers - and was looking for a chassis model software.

While surfing around, I fell upon a free suspension modeling software (Java) called Suspen2.
Looks to have been posted-up aroun 2005 by samitchell. It's a java program so you'll need the Sun Java runtime and Java3d to run it.

You can create your own suspension definition, or play around with the one's already defined (Lotus Europa, Esprit). Here's a screen shot of the Europa with roll center adjusted as in a hard turn.
Text Line Diagram Font Parallel

It's very limited - what do you want for free? Heck, even the expensive ones don't always include variables like chassis torsional rigidity...
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