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Superb looking low mileage 73 GTV FS

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No vested interest. 33K miles, looks clean. Might even be underpriced.

They also have a TZ1 listed FS.
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Rocker panel and interior restored on a 33 thousand mile car?
Well, my '73 with 35k is getting new rockers this winter. Show me a GTV with original rockers and I'll show you a rusty GTV. I just can't imagine how a GTV can escape rust-through given the rocker design , the type of steel and the lack of rust preventers.

Now the interior's a different story. You have to wonder what would require the interior to be restored. Of course "restored" might mean that it was wiped down with Armoral...
Could be the same car I looked at there about January 2006 it being the same color. They were asking then about the same price and said the car could be had for $21K but there was first licks on it by a friend of the owner who lived in California. That deal apparently went thru cause the salesperson called me and said it was sold. I was 2nd in line but, while a "nice" car, it had some paint issues - not many but enough that for over $20K, I thought it overpriced. I didn't get to drive it:(. Just as well:), I bought a better one a few months later. At the time IMO it was a $15K (or so) car. I had pictures of it on my computer but it looks like I deleted them so I can't verify it is that car. It's worth going to the showroom to look at all the cool cars there. The Alfa was located "downstairs" and when we walked down the steps to the storage garage I asked the guy "Is this what it looks like when you die and go to heaven?"

ps. and remember, everything looks better in pictures.
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