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House build forces sale -Superb outstanding left hand drive Montreal - £10,000 recent overhaul by UK leading Original 70's Montreal Technician - the car has been set up properly - this Monty is turn key !!!
Full details on request.
hopefully photos below .


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House build forces sale -Superb outstanding left hand drive Montreal - £10,000 recent overhaul by UK leading Original 70's Montreal Technician - the car has been set up properly - this Monty is turn key !!!
Full details on request.
hopefully photos below .
I wonder if I have to sell both kidneys!

In lust...:001_tt1:


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that's the Chantilly car (#1427035 ), right?

Personally, I think white is cool for Montys, especially with french yellow lights....very 'cote d'azur'

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yes - Chantilly car - now fully sorted!!!!

Work carried out by SUPER ENGINEERING

Alfa Montreal 2.6 V8 inj - White - CX-802-EY - 70,955 km

Exhaust system blowing / holed
Engine difficult to start & very poor pick up
General check over & report

Work carried out as necessary
Exhaust blowing - system replaced as supplied
Exhaust manifold flange gaskets burnt - surface cleaned
Gearbox rear mounting oil soaked & sitting low - packing fitted
Gearbox / exhaust support mounting oil damaged - both replaced
Exhaust support bracket mounting position - aligned
Exhaust middle silencer mounts cracked - replaced & missing plates fitted
Exhaust tail pipe mounts needed extra work to correct position
Nuts & bolts kit - replaced as necessary

Engine just about starting & very poor pick up
Spica injection system set up - corrected as necessary
Idle stops positions corrected
Linkage ball joints excessive play - rectified
Inj pump rod was wrongly adjusted - corrected
Throttle flaps dirty - cleaned & synchronised
Idle control adjuster on airbox faulty - machined to correct adjustment control
Thermostatic actuator operation checked & extra throw corrected by shimming
Engine warn up and check settings & road test to check drivability

Barometric cable was broken - cable replaced & missing fitting made
Injection ambient temp lever knob missing - s/fit
Accelerator cable stiff & loose & short outer - new made & fitted
Accelerator pedal position too high - set up corrected
Hand throttle lever rubber grommet missing - s/fit
RH rear fuel injection metal pipes top retainer missing - s/fit
Fuel injection metal pipes misaligned & rubbing in places under airbox - corrected

Ignition checked - timing was very retired & points almost closed
Points heal worn as were dry - points replaced, gaps set & position corrected
Distributor mech worn - rectify advancing spring replaced to corrected
Distributor top bearing worn - replaced
Timing marks corroded on flywheel - cleaned & painted
Distributor refit to car & reset timing & recheck advancing - ok

Spark plugs checked running too cold - changed to 4 point type
Spark strength very weak - HT leads made & fitted
Compressions checked cold was low - rechecked warm & no 8 still low

Warm up car & check cooling system operation - fan staying on all the time after warm
Thermostat weak & wrong type / lower flap missing - replaced
Cooling fan thermo switch lower temperature - replaced to OE spec
Coolant protection very weak / flushed - changed to long life type
Warm up & bleed cooling system - bleed vent was blocked - cleared
Lower heater hose soft & short - extended & rerouted

Engine bay fuel hoses rerouted & position corrected
Cooling header tank connecting hose - position corrected
Engine oil tank to breather top hose perished - replaced
Engine bay wiring by RH bulkhead & ignition coils - tidy up
Electric window ground contact was loose - secured

RH top gearbox bolt loose - tightened
RH starter motor bracket bolt in Engine Vee missing
But starter motor needed to be loosened to align bracket
Starter solenoid terminal bracket missing / wires were stretched - located & fitted
Engine both lower mounts loose as bolts missing & cracked - both replaced

Fuel tank - drain & refill to check filter
Tank filter was full of sediment - replaced
Tank filter retaining centre some wrong thread screw was fitted - stud made & fitted
Tank filter housing retaining stud on tank broken - made & fitted
Fuel injector cleaner additive added to tank
Fuel metal pipes rubbing on rear antiroll bar - secured & light waxed
Fuel lines by steering idler aligned & clipped to secure
Fuel tank return hose rubbing on bracket sharp edge - rerouted

Air box short breather hose perished - replaced
Air intake trunking poor fit - silicon hoses fitted
Front inner panel air intake flanges bent - reshaped
Air box touching Inj pipes & holding up - cleared
Air box lid seal detached - clean old glue & re-stick
Washers reservoir position corrected & lower hose to pump - replaced
LH washer jets was blocked - clear & adjust both

Extra unfused heavy green feed lead to cooling fan relay removed
& original feed reused
Cooling fan relay found original type - replaced & position corrected
Cooling fan wire terminals signs of over heating - connector replaced
Rear axle straps brackets on axle position improved
Front panel lower section corrosion debris - vacuum out & drain holes cleared

Rear axle & gearbox oils de-coloured & very thick - changed
Brake & clutch fluids aged excess moisture/dark - changed
Engine oil dirty - flush treatment carried out
Engine oil & filter changed
Sump plugs worn heads - replaced
Propshaft splines were dry - grease
Steering box oil level was almost dry - topped up
Steering box oil leak - some threads sealed to improve
Steering box level check plug aged - located & replaced

LHF wheel bearing very noisy/due to wrong grease - kit replaced
RHF wheel bearing was over tightened - grease changed
RHF Caliper inner top piston seizing - freed off
Rear brake callipers outer pistons seizing - clean & piston/seal kit replaced
Rear calipers - remove & refit & Bleed brakes
Rear brake pads worn - replaced

Battery was weak - charge & tested - failed later - replaced
Battery isolator switch - fitted and developed fitting position for easy excess
Battery terminals poor fitting - correct
Battery was loose - clamp position corrected
Battery base corroded - light wax sprayed
Negative lead & terminal - replaced to original size
Radio areal body was loose & knocking - bracket made & fitted
Boot side panel screws mix/match - set replaced
Boot inner rear carpet was loose - refitted & jack secured

Fuses overheated / loose & positions in correct
Fuse box feed wires overheated - contact repaired with extra link
LH fuse box remove & refit to clean & some joints soldered
LH fuse box top screw broken - drill out & secure
Steering column switch wiring loose - rerouted & secured
Some wiring untidy corrected as noticed
Some feeds were in wrong place on fuse box - corrected
Cooling fan fuse clips was overheated/weak - swapped with air con feed position
One yellow/black wire on fuse box was burnt
Reverse lights feed improved via blade fuse/holder fitting
All fuses replaced with better ceramic type

Lights checked
Interior cabin light switch on panel split & n/w - replaced
RV mirror lamp burnt & was wrong way fitted - corrected
RV mirror earth position corrected & blown bulb replaced
RV mirror lamp feed wire was replaced before being too thick - corrected
Rear view mirror dipping n/w - inner glass retaining spring clip made & fitted

Hand brake lever was loose found all 3 bolts undone - secured
Centre tunnel carpet released for access & seat belt bolts washers added
LH seat side bolts corroded & loose - flange type bolts made & fitted
Both door lower window pulley bracket screws sticking up and
threads were damaged - threads cleaned & screws replaced

Horn button just 1 position working - plates carboned - cleaned
Steering wheel - remove & refit & corrected wire position
Horn button plastic surrounds perished - replaced & contact wire replaced
Steering column shaft horn wire joint fitting position - corrected
Indicator cancelling spring broken - replaced
Column switch bolt rubber o’rings missing - made & fitted to secure
Ignition switch steering lock stuck/locked - found worn locking mechanism
A used Ignition switch found repaired to use same key & fitted - shear lock bolt made
Steering cowling plastic lugs broken - plastic glue welded
Steering cover screws odd type - all made & replaced for same type head
Steering cover dowel pin broken - stud made & fitted
Column switch wiring was rubbing on steering shaft - secured
Horn ring very sensitive as was damaged from before - replaced
Horn wiring through column ends loose - secured
Town horn weak - replaced & fitted to original location behind front grills
Air horn compressor delay / seizing - lubricated

Alternator belt was loose / worn - replaced & clamp bolt corrected
Alternator main output terminal overheated & burning - replaced/soldered
Output terminal loose on back of alternator - Alternator remove & inspect
Alternator faulty - replaced & bolts corrected to secure
Alternator mounting base on engine was loose & arcing - cleaned
Alternator block connector wires breaking - clips replaced & heat shrink
Amp meter wire terminals were just finger tight - clean & secure
Instrument cluster feed wires sharp edges - sleeving fitted
Charging voltage was down - now normal

Low fuel pressure warning light n/w -
Switch terminal corroded/loose - soldered & terminal clip replaced
& bulb holder contacts on instrument cluster cleaned
Fuel reserve warning lamp earth checked
LHR lamp lights dim - poor earth rectified

Steering feel poor
Tyre pressures were very low - adjusted
Rear A’ frame side washers perished & missing - power flex fitted
Castor Rod to top arm bushes excessive wear / collapsed - replaced
Front suspension top arm rebound stops missing - s/fit
LH front of car low - spring pan added 7.5mm shim
Front castor rod ball joints were seized - removed arms & free off
All track rods removed & free off & 3x worn joints replaced
RH front spring pan removed 5mm shim, now normal
Steering geometry checked was out, castors negative - now corrected

On road test
Very bad drive train vibration felt in tunnel & seats
Propshaft alignment marks checked & was 180* out - corrected
Wheels has no balance weights - now balanced
Still some vibration & bearing noise - investigate further
RH rear wheel bearing noisy & worn - replaced
RH rear wheel bearing lock nut seized - extracted
LH rear wheel bearing also noisy - replaced
Hand brake shoes worn/flaked - replace at same time
Handbrake adjuster position corrected
Hand brake shoes re-adjust at drum after road test

Drive train vibration
Improved but vibration from propshaft still present - complete assy remove & refit
Propshaft centre carrier mount cracked & bearing worn - both replaced
Propshaft centre mount LH stud plate detached - bolts made & fitted to secure
Propshaft centre mount RH side bracket was overtightened - plate made & fitted
Propshaft unmatched centre joint markings - balancing was needed & carried out by a specialist
Rear axle pinion flange nut oil leaking - cleaned and thread sealer
and pinion lock nut was loose - tightened up by 1/4 turn
Reverse light switch wires poor fitting - replaced
Reverse light switch wires - signs of rubbing on propshaft & this was blowing fuses
and melting yellow/black fuse box wiring - already repaired
Road test - now vibration are gone and normal feel of car - top up petrol

Then - Starter motor solenoid clicks & not turning
Ignition switch removed & contacts cleaned/adjusted
and starter circuit relay fitted & wired up to stop running on

RH front grill side had fallen off on road test as glue had cracked and securing screws were missing
so elongated holes to fit screws & bonded to hold in position
RH eye lid stop bent - aligned & rubber stop missing - pad fitted
LH eye lid too low & touching centre grill - pivot sleeve washers thickness increased
Front number plate black paint peeling, was fitted without back spacers - corrected

LH door front & rear top wind noise on road test
Both door front 1/4 light area wind noise - joint gaps filler added
Wiper switch was loose - left side support on plastic switch panel was broken -
trimmed to fit & glued back on & switch refitted & wiring stress reduced
Radio n/w - cage contact lubed - now works

Injection pump drive flange sealed bearing excessive oil leaking down LHF of engine
& bottom radiator hose oil spread - bearing replaced
Clean faces and gasket replaced
Injection pump drive belt oil soaked / soft - replace
Plastic cover was swollen from oil & bolts were loose - corrected

Spare wheel was punctured - new tube fitted
Lights,levels and tyre pressures checked & Lubrication
Road tests carried out as necessary - fuel topped up

Please Note
Actual time taken has been a lot more for the type of faults / wear & tear / poor past repairs
and all this work was needed just to bring this vehicle back to a safe working condition with a report
Chargeable time say 98hours @ £60/hr = 5880 + 1176 vat = Total £7056

Parts Used

Exhaust system & mounts Supplied
Exhaust mount plate & spacers 15.00
Exhaust nuts/bolts set 20.00

Distributor top centre bearing 30.00
NGK spark plugs 4 point x 8 64.00
HT leads set for CD ignition 80.00
HT leads clips 9.00

Barometric cable 5.95
Accelerator Cable 9.95
Barometric control lever knob 3.95
Top breather hose from oil tank & clips 12.00
Main Fuel filter 28.95
Tank filter - original 40.00
Tank filter housing gasket 11.95
Injector Cleaner fuel additive 9.95

Alternator belt 6.95
Thermostat 14.95
Fan switch 18.95
Coolant long life x 12 42.00
Cooling fan relay (used) 10.00

LHF Wheel bearing Kit 54.95
RHF wheel bearing oil seal metal type 3.85
Engine mounts x 2 136.00
Castor rod arm bushes / Power flex x 2 17.90
Rear A frame side washers Power flex x 2 9.90

Engine / Gearbox earth strap OE 6.95
Battery cut out switch / terminals + 19.95
Battery earth clamp & strap - 13.95
Low tone horn 14.98

Air intake trunking silicon x 2 26.00
Air box breather hose silicon 7.95
Gear oil 75w/90 semi synt x 4 27.80
Gearbox/axle plug copper washers x 4 3.80
Engine flush x 2 19.90
Oil filter OE 9.95
Engine oil 10w/60 fully synt x 10 89.50
Engine sump plug & washer 3.95
Oil tank drain plug & washer 4.65
Screen wash x 2 2.98
Rear brake caliper repair kit 80.00
Rear Brake pads 18.98
Brake fluid x 2 9.90
Brakes bleed nipple caps x 4 3.80
Puncture repair - tube replaced 20.00

Fuses ceramic x20 9.00
Fuse holder/terminals & blade fuse 2.95
Interior panel switch (used) 30.00
RV mirror lamp festoon bulb 0.95
Sundries 30.00

Alternator recon 99.00
Starter solenoid bracket 5.00

Horn button plastic surround set 11.95
Indicator cancelling spring 4.75
Steering wheel cover screws set 3.00
Steering lock assy s/h core inc del 40.00
Wheel balance x 5 30.00

Front top arm rebound stops x2 14.00
Outer track rod ball joints X 3 inc del 33.00
Front spring base spacer 7.5mm ally 16.00
Front geometry check 60.00
Battery Bosch S4 72AH 4Year 89.20
Rear wheel bearings kit x 2 59.00
Starter relay mod kit 25.00

Propshaft centre bearing 13.95
Propshaft Centre Mount 49.50
Propshaft specialist balancing 150.00

Injection pump drive bearing 11.95
Gasket 2.85
Injection pump drive belt 19.96
Sundries 10.00
Petrol nett 25.00

Nett 1,887.15
VAT 377.43
Total Parts 2,264.58

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Love the Montreal in white. A rusty white Montreal in 1980 is what spurred me to take a second look at them funny eye-talian cars and haven't looked back since

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now showing at H&H classic auctions in Duxford, UK, lot 108

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Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I wish it was on the market here for a while. If it was, I never saw it. Hence the blahhhhhhhh.
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