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Super parts conundrum

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Hey sedan lovers,

I'll try to get to the point ( not my strong point ).

I'm building a Super race car on a shoestring budget. For some of the funds I planned on selling parts I won't be needing. But everytime I see similar items on ebay they don't go for anything. I have good bumpers with overriders, heater box, lots of interior trim stainless, and a pretty good dashboard with gauges.

Kinda related to the dashboard dilemma is what kind of dash to put in the racer. I had planned to use a simple fabricated sheet aluminum piece just like Superracer ( Fabrizio Rimicci ) but a couple of the vintage racing sanctioning bodies require a stock dash. The stock dash weighs a hefty 18 lbs ( with stock gauges ). But I feel bad gutting the dash when someone could use it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I could use a few parts...

1. Rear license plate light assembly.
2. Rear bumper if in very good condition.
3. Thin chrome strip that goes along the driver side door panel (interior) toward the lower part of the panel.

Probably a few other items.

Dan, call me. George
I'm not sure what a Super dash is worth but if you probably couldn't get much for it anyway go ahead and use it. It would certainly add more to the value of the car to be eligible for more racing groups. Some parts like tail lights and front grilles seem to bring decent money. Others, as you've noted, seem to go a lot cheaper than equivalent pieces on a spider or coupe. A much smaller number of these cars over here resulting in a smaller pool of buyers for parts.

I think over time decent usable Giulia sedan parts are going to be worth more, as the cars appreciate, much as happened with Giuliettas. 15 years ago run of the mill Giulietta parts were no big deal, and now virtually everything that you can't obtain new is valuable. I think this pattern will repeat itself, probably to a lesser extent, because the number of Giulias around, at least in the US, is smaller than the number of Giuliettas.

That doesn't mean you'll want to hang onto stuff that's cluttering up your garage for 20 years just to make a couple extra bucks though.

I despair whenever I hear of Berlina- and Giulia-unique parts getting tossed. I realize practicalities of time, space, hassle, etc. do come into it.

I bet you can gut a Super dash to some extent to lighten it while still looking stock.

Jeff Thraen has a stock dash in his Giulia Super race car. He replaced the stock gauges with Autometer ones. It looks really good. I think he is Willow Springs with AROSC this weekend.
Hi Guys,

I know I can get the stock dash to look great. It may even put the gauges in a better position than Fabrizios dash, but the simplicity of his looks soooo nice. I just feel a little bad about the possible hacks. I'll see what unbolts or can be removed easily and without destruction, and then check the weight.

I'm not throwing anything good away, but like Andrew said I'm not waiting 20 years for a few $$$ I need the money now, especially that Engine Machine Service will be calling soon with the dreaded estimate !!!

I wish I could make it to the track this weekend. Probably not though.

I'll email Jeff for a few pix perhaps.

I wouldn't mind having a set of spare bumpers for my Super......just in case!
Problem with selling and valuing big items like the dash is posting them. Usually a pain in the arse, but I sold a Super dash about 12 months ago for AU$250 and it went to New Zealand. So there are people out there willing to buy...
Not a PITA if you have a mate though hey Ben :) BTW, that dash is still in downtown Cheltenham, VIC mate.
I've got a Super dash you can have for the price of shipping. It had the radio stolen in a violent manner but the hole could be easily patched up.
Not a PITA if you have a mate though hey Ben :) BTW, that dash is still in downtown Cheltenham, VIC mate.
Are you serious? You mean he never got it?
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