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Super floor mat options

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I'm looking for driver and passenger front seat mats (in black) to protect the original rubber mats in my new-to-me '73 Giulia Super (was a 1.3 originally and now a 2.0, hence the rubber mats). Being a '73, it also has suspended pedals. I see that IAP has custom fitted carpeted mats for the Super--at least for the '67 which would be standing pedals, but they all have the rubber "nibs" that would end up damaging the factory original rubber mats. I don't care whether the mats are carpeted or rubber, although the latter would be more in character with the car. I'm not tied to getting custom fit mats either, just want them to look decent with a minimum of sliding around. Doing a search here didn't show a lot of options. I'd also like to keep the cost reasonable--under $150 say. All I can come up with is:

1) Try to find the original Giulia "winter mats" on EBay
2) Buy a set of the fitted carpeted mats with the nibs from IAP and then glue a layer of carpet underneath each to keep the rubber nibs from going through (or cut and file off all the nibs) :)
3) Start looking for generic mats locally and just find something close enough in size to do the job


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Hi Gary!

I can recomend getting the original wintermatts from .
The pics below are of the matts that came in my cars and I got new sets for about $100 each, including shipping from Italy.

Saerch under "tappeti" on There is a black set up now.



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Christian at OK Parts in Munich has been able to supply excellent mat sets for me. I've purchased for a Super and other models and they all fit perfectly. I don't recall cost but I think they're within the range you are looking.
I bought mine from italian ebay couple months ago.Perfect fit and very good quality.I can pm you the email adress of the seller.No connection etc.
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