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Super Admiration Event!

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Most of us know that the body design of the Super was intended to make the three-box shape of a small sedan as aerodynamic as possible.

In that regard, the team headed by Satta did a remarkable job with a CD of .34. This is close to that of the early 911s. A GTV is rated at .38, which compares to that of an E-Type Coupe at .42.

Clearly a success. An outstanding example of "Form follows function".

I don't think I knew the exact numbers when I bought a new one on 1969. I bought it because it was "stealthy".

But at the time the car was considered ugly.

I used to try to explain and eventually gave up and would just say. "When you are inside you can't see the outside".

Haven't driven my second one that much but people seem to notice the car.

It's been a very nice day and earlier I drove "Supah" to the barbershop, which is in a moderately busy shopping street. Parked right in front.

Then there shoppers stopping to look at it and some even took pictures. At earlier times had parked the Spider and Sprint Coupe there with not the same notice.

Something going on here. The car does look good and with the outstanding AR 501 Red it sure gets the attention.

After all of the flack so long ago---Amazing!

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We took Pinyo out for a Spring wildflower drive nearby. Ran into a group of some 40-50 BMW's on tour parked at a gas station at a pit stop. (I did not see even one BMW oldtimer, not even a 2002 or earlier.) And they flocked around the Giulia and took pics. And we hit them again later on tour and got lots of thumbs up. Go figure.LINK
I had my freshly restored Spider and my tatty Super displayed next to each other at a local car show last fall. Ten to one, people's interest were with the Super and most of those were women. Really surprised me. My wife and girls think it's cute.


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When I bought my first Alfa, a new '71 Berlina, I had been racing a '56 Lotus 11LM sports racer in the NW. The Berlina was such a nice car that when I saw two Supers on the Alfa dealers lot, I thought one of them would make a cool race car - the Lotus was pretty long in tooth, and I thought the Super was a pretty cool looking car. It was a fun car to race, although I really could have used LSD in the hairpin at Westwood Circuit outside Vancouver, BC. I got a lot of kidding about the car - flying brick, etc - but I really enjoyed that car.

When I retired for the third time, I decided it was a great opportunity to find another Super. Thanks to the BB, I found her, and she's been a great car. I now live on the Mississippi Coast where an event called Cruisin' The Coast drew over 7000 cars to the week long event last year. I enter Nuvola to add some dignity to the event...:wink2: She gets a lot of attention - mostly guys asking what she is or women saying how cute she is. One year, though, Dennis Gage (My Classic Car), stopped by three times to tell what a cool car she was.

BTW, I get thumbs up from guys driving older BMWs, but most drivers of new BMWs are too busy fooling with their gold chains to notice anything outside their own car.

Supers are truly super cars!

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Have recently purchased a'73 Berlina and have been frequently amazed at the response of people who see it. Last week-end at Malibu C&C we had 2 Guila supers and 1 Berlina amongst the finery of E Types, Ferrari's, Maserati's, etc. and the biggest crowd was around the sedans. I get a whole lot more positive responses to the Berlina than my roundtail, which is red. Go figure.
Vancouver has enjoyed a very dry summer, so "Supah" has been out quite a bit.

It continues to prompt attention-- still beyond what i would expect.

Especially when in the early 1970s they were considered ugly.

A very good 501 Red helps, but the main thing seems to be the shape.

"Form follows function"

Hey --I'm enjoying it.
Hmm, in comparison with BMW NK, Super is actually very beautifull :) However have to say I allways liked both of them.
I drove my GTV on the Power Tour a couple of years ago, BB Berore Berlina, and the hot rod guys couldn't stay away. I'd like to make the coast in the Berlina one of these days. That would be a trip, 2 Alfas in amongst all that iron!
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