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sunrooof adjustment

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Hey Cats

My sunroof seems to be slightly out of adjustment -- when it stops, it raises the back a little bit, ie starting the so-called 'quarter-open' phase. I looked in the service manual and I think I'm more confused now than I was before I looked at it.

I expected some 'limit switches' that got triggered at various places (ie full open/full close) that would turn off the motor for the cycle---and I figured that over time, the mechanical slop simply reqquired the limit switch positions to be re-adjusted. I was wrong again!

Has anyone done this -- re-adjusted the sunroof motor/position relationship ? If not, I guess I;ll tackle it eventually and try to sort it out

thanks a ton
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The limit switches are internal to the motor. There is an "alignment" procedure in the installation part of the manual. It essentially involves setting the sunroof to the proper location, dismounting the motor and setting it to a limit switch point and then remounting the motor. At least that's what I remember of it. It's in the manual, though.

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