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Sunroof delete panel

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Just curious as to if anyone has ever made a sunroof delete panel? Not thinking about welding or riveting one in but one that looks like the sunroof panel but is stationary (don't want to do any bodywork). I've toyed with the idea of getting rid of my sunroof and going with the appropriate headliner. Anyone?
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the trick here would be the matter of sealing it up....

i dont see why you couldnt gut the mechanics of it and make a plate to keep it from moveing
I was sort of thinking of making an FRP panel that mated up with the turned down roof lip and riveting them together from the inside but sealing the seam with some sort of sealant. Just wondering if anyone else had done this before
anything short of steel is going to shrink or worse flex..and any sealant is going to either look like crap or not last long.....sorry to say it but from a body/fabrication point of veiw i dont see any other ways of makeing it seal and last other than gutting the stock setup and makeing a few brakets to hold it in place or cutting welding and body work
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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