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Hello All -
Coming home from Concorso Italiano (excellent event!) my wife's 1986 Spider Veloce - absolutely stock - developed serious problems. Can I get some advice kind people?

After running well it all weekend it was hard to start on Monday morning. It started rough and belched black smoke (real rich) - then suddenly settled back to normal. As we drove off it stalled once (under acceleration) and then ran fine.

After some miles it began to lose power suddenly for a few seconds at a time. If we took foot off the gas and then reapplied it seemed to catch and run fine for a while. I also tested by keeping foot on the gas and often it seemed to hesitate and then resume running fine. This loss of power seemed to often happen when we started up a hill. Finally, the loss of power or complete stalls just got so frequent we had to get a tow (the shame!). Once home the car started up fine and I could drive it back into garage.

So - I will check all grounds and contacts etc. But before I start testing and replacing the coil, Bosch relays or sensors I wonder if anyone else has had this problem or can point me to likely components that might have failed intermittently like this? THANKS!
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