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The wife was at a ministry conference on Saturday and the boys and I went the SAC museum near Omaha. Stood in the bomb bay of a B52 and touched an H-bomb (inert)

After we got home I had some time to figure out a couple of minor problems on Milo. After all the brake work last weekend (calipers, rotors, pads, hose, etc) Plus the installation of a better rear seat bottom cushion, the speedometer had decided to stop working. Since the tachometer is inconsistent and I'd like to know how fast I am going, I figured it would be a good thing to fix.

Pulled the rear seat cushion - checked all the connections - crawled under the car and wiggled the wires. Now I had a speedometer! Cushion back in and good to go.

Still had some time, so thought I would tackle the inoperative power steering. The pump was "seized" and the belt was off. Turned the pump backwards with a wrench and it freed right up. Got a $5 belt from Auto-zone and topped up the reservoir.

For now, I have power steering and a speedometer! Not to mention working rear brakes and parking brake. After the struggle with the ABS accumulator and the rear calipers it was good to have something go easy.

I know my hubris will bring Alfa wrath, but I am on the high side of the bipolar Alfa world right now.

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