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This post is not related, except for the guibo topic. I just wanted to put it somewhere, maybe I should've started new thread? But here it is anyway. Information is for the V6.

A while back I was searching for guibos and found that a BMW 850i manual guibo has a 110mm bolt circle, and M12 fasteners.

It did fit the flywheel, however, the Alfa driveshaft has a different pattern than the flywheel (seriously ***), I believe it's a 100mm bolt circle, not 110mm like the flywheel. Not going to work.

Also, a BMW E39 540i, uses a 105mm(?) bolt circle with M14 fasteners. Maybe?


Above image is rear of GTV6 driveshaft fitted against the front of a BMW e39 V8 manual driveshaft. One of these days, when I get a hold of a milling machine, I will revisit this.
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