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Stuck on putting in longer studs in rear

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I'm stuck. I am poutting longer studs on a 67 Duetto. I'm done with the front. Now the rear! I know this problem has been addressed before but I need some guidance.

1 I pulled the axle. No problem

2 I knocked off the disc (used BFH)

3 Now I'm Stuck! Do I have to remove the bearing? One manual I have says I will need a special tool to force it off and then press it back on. Is this correct, or is there another way.
I can knock the studs free, but they will not come out in the space I have. I could take the brake shoes apart but I still don't think there will be room, especially if I have to put a longer stud in. I have a feeling I need to get the bearing off the axle but don't know how to go about it, let alone having to "press" it back on without the "special" tool.
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OK I mis-read your post, I understand the axle is out, the original style has a nut holding the bearing on, the nut has slots, sort of like the slots on the SPICA mixture solenoid retaining ring, if you have a smooth ring, it the later style axle, maybe 69-72 since you have shorter studs.
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