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Stuck in LA Again ...

Good luck.... the guys are absolutely correct. My Berlina was very susceptible to this behavior; not because I drove through puddles, but because of others who drive by in their SUVS and continually wall water up against and under you.

I only drove through a huge puddle once and stalled. Never forgot it, after Pat had to get out and dry the entire assembly out in pouring rain. He was not a happy camper. In my defense, there was no other way to go on the street and there were others stalled. So you either drove or sat. I made two mistakes, not letting Pat drive it through the puddle, which was the entire intersection and adjoining intersection approaches, and misunderstanding that 25 mph, which is crawling for me, is not what he meant by slow.

As unhappy as he was, after getting us started he helped get some of the other stalled cars started and on their way that were not Alfas.

The lesson in all this, drive a SUV in the rain so you can compete and drive your Alfa in the nice California weather. While they've improved some California street drainage, there are still streets that run like rivers. No problem with a SUV, but a sports car or lower sitting vehicle is.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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