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will not use ether again.....blew the air tube off along with a 3 foot flame.......
Wow, that must have been exciting! At least we know the air tube is doing its job, and the plenum shouldn't blow off the engine.


It started! Jr just called me with the news..he just kinda aired out the air flow tube in the air, and (spark plug wells were dry), it cranked and started. Whew.

Anyway, I appreciate the tips and concern, as always. I tol him he has to get S Cal savvy, he learned about hurricanes/palmetto bugs, but there, he has to be wary of local rain/flash flood warnings, man........

Tol him to bookmark the weather channel on his computer........
Cool he got it started. Yeah, intersections around here seem to always have the biggest problems with flooding. Make sure he watches out for the mud/rock slides if he's driving in the canyons! You can be coming around a blind curve in the canyon and the road that was clear just a minute ago could be blocked, or flooded, or have a mini river running over it. Driving through the canyons yesterday and was completely swamped about 5 times by those @#$% SUV driving through puddles coming the other direction. Probably don't have to tell him this, but make sure he keeps the revs up and checks his brakes during and after going through the big puddles. I check the TWC site every day its raining here (mainly to try and avoid the heaviest hours of rain).
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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