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Dear Alfa friends,
a friend of mine is stuck in France with his Alfa GTV6 and does not have internet there. He is the author of this adventurous thread:

He noticed that after a service the fuel mixture is too rich and consumption is high, and he has no internet there so he called me with this question:

On this foto of the AFM

(thanks Greg Gordon for photo, hope you dont mind) outside the little box, on the top right, there is also a screw/bolt, and also maybe on the lower right; it's the two grey parts sticking out on the right.
Supposedly You can use one of these to richen or un-richen the air/fuel mix.
He does not have an O2 meter at hand.
Question: Wich one of those two adjusters should he use, and should he turn clockwise or counterclockwise to make the mixture less rich in fuel. Also: by how many turns should he adjust? Is it really sensitive or do you need a couple of turns to notice a difference?

I'll tell him any replies on the phone, so anybody who helps out thanks a bunch!
thanks, DT
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