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Ok I may have messed up.:confused:

Removed the distributor as I have done every year to replace the points and condensors. Did the change, adjusted the points and put everything back in.
Made sure everything was seated properly, tightened the colar bolt but left the adjusting nut snug so I could rotate to set timeing. Spun the starter and no start so I figured I was off timing and went back to distributor to adjust. Loosened the adjusting nut and tried to turn distributor. No luck. Took the nut off completely and loosened the colar bolt to take the dizzy out. NO LUCK It is STUCK! Will not pull out or turn.

This has never happened before in all the times I have removed the dizzy and I followed my same procedure to make sure it was seated correctly and in allignment.

What did I do wrong and how do I fix it.

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