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Stubborn slave cylinder

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87 Graduate, replacing all hydraulics. Flex lines and everything except slave cyl. is replaced. Was able to remove spring clips but cylinder is seized in the bellhousing. Have been using PB Blaster and patience to no avail. Does not budge with a wrench on the hose end. Any tips or advice out there?
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Brass drift and a medium hammer to tap it out in the direction of the end the hose is connected to?

Never heard of one sticking in there but that would be the route I'd take to get it out.

Mayhaps PO or a mech from long ago wrapped it in something to make it sit still for bleeding, or just thought it was too loose a fit to begin with? Heck, there might even be a set screw that someone added in from the side to keep it in position. (just reaching for reasons why it might be as stuck as you describe)
clean the area up from the cemicals you sprayed on it..get a propane torch heat the ring around the slave..after you get it nice and warm try twisting it with some plyers..if it turns you are ok.. tap it backwards when it is still hot/warm..let it cool. clean the rust/crossion out.. spray some lub in the area..tap it out, or a little twist and she should come out.. after you do this.. get a wire brush and clean the ring out, and the ext. of the slave.. when you stuff it back in.. use a lot of anti-seize on both the ring and the outside of the slave to you won't have this problem anymore..
..i must type faster...
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