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stress relief

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Whats anybodys take on having the rods stress releived during the rebuild? Good or bad?
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Reconditioning rods

Depending on the application, after magnaflux, shot preening does no harm if done correctly. Some go so far as to cryogenically freeze them as well. All this helps, again, done correctly. It is possible to spend enough money in this way to justify a set of Carello rods. Knowing the engines history helps. Rods can be twisted and need straightening, small end bushings replaced and reamed, as well as oval big end corrections by facing the caps and re honing to size. One can spend a lot in this way. If it's a tired race engine, or a valuable older engine with unknown history, it is often easier to spend the money on Carello's to be sure. :DGordon Raymond
Relieving Stress

The best stress relief during rebuild is some of mine or Gordon`s meds!:D
I could use some right now. This rebuild has been expensive.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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