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strange noise from transaxle?

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My car is an 87 milano gold 5 speed, and 2 times recently when i start the car there is a scraping sound from there rear of the car for about 5-10 seconds then it goes away and seems fine after that. It only does it in neutral right after I start it, no other time. I checked the oil in the transmission and it is fine, any other ideas of what could cause that? All of the flex joints and other driveahsft parts were replaced shortly before i got the car.
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Does it only happen when the engine is hot and the car has been sitting for a bit? Very often the Milano will produce a loud rumbling noise from the rear for 5-10 seconds when you do's the vapor in the fuel return line dumping back into the tank.

If it's happening when cold then Mongo dunno.
Thats quite possible, becasue I think the only times it did it were after driving on the freeway for like 30 minutes then stopping for like 20 minutes and then driving again. I guess I wont worry about it then. :)
Yep, that's it. The heat from the engine vaporizes some of the fuel in the lines while it's sitting, and then it all burbles into the tank. Nothing to worry about.

It probably is relared to the Pull type release bearing & interface with the clutch fingers.
To eliminate that leave in neutran but depress the clutch before engaging the starter. If that`s the way you have been doing it change up the sequence.
Also could be clutch disk draging initially if you have clutch in when starting. It has to center on the splines between pressure plate & flywheel after being released.
I always desprees the clutch before starting the car, that is actually kinda what it sounded like to me, but its hard to tell. But, it only did it twice both after restarting the car while it was still hot and had sat for a bit so who knows.
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