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Yesterday a strange noise started coming from my engine. After driving around 30 or 40 miles (no noise) and going on some dusty roads (I don't think this would matter) I started the car up and the engine sounded rougher and less smooth. Its difficult to describe, but its not a clicking or anything like that, the engine just sounds rough. It drives normally (I've been driving very conservatively), I check all fluids and engine oil was a half quart low (don't think it matters, it's been 2,000 since the last change and it is usually down that much by now). I'm curious (and worried) as to whats going on. I'm calling my mechanic first thing tomorrow morning, but any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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I looked at your other posts so see you have a 164L model and based on what info you give us here, I have to suggest as a starting point if it idles rough and runs rough to always FIRST verify cam timing marks when crankshaft timing mark at Top Dead Center (TDC) mark on engine front cover.

This requires jacking car, removing right front tire and front inner fender liner. Then you have to rotate engine crankshaft CLOCKWISE using a 1 5/8" (41mm) socket, extension and ratchet set up to set pulley mark on TDC mark on front cover.

Remove two round covers from black timing belt covers on front of engine so you can see cam pulley hubs. Rear cam hub scribbed line mark should be at 1 o'clock (69 degrees) and front cam hub mark should be at 11 o'clock (72.5 degrees) on timing template. Print it off from this link and cut out center circles to fit over cam hubs.

Note: If you can't see either thin scribed line on either cam hub you will need to rotate crankshaft another 360 degrees (one more full turn) CLOCKWISE

Report your findings.
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