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Some recent experience:

On my 101 Spider with the 2 L, the first resonator was not there and with hopes for a quieter ride put a "bottle" one in. Little difference as a lot of the noise was elsewhere.

No longer on and the exhaust note, with the final resonator still on, is good.:cool:

A 2.25-inch stainless has been fabricated for my Sprint--with even a hotter 2L.

This has a large muffler where the first resonator would be and is offset such that the bulk of the muffler is inset from being under the seat. A good-sized oval resonator is where the big muffler would be and this is followed by a final resonator that looks like a normal one.

Except bigger.

We got it running over the week end and it sounds good:cool:, but as it is not yet licensed we don't know what it sounds like at WOT.
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