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I bought a new Giulia Super in 1969--in white, and with a Blaupunkt push-button radio.

Took my SCCA drivers training in it at Westwood, was involved in a three-car altercation in the esses. I was T-Boned, and ended upright in some thick bush. Although the damage was modest it ended my interest in serious racing.

With some work on the engine and Konis it was a relatively quick car when driving the mountain roads. I used it until the rust was becoming a serious threat and sold it in 1979. For some reason I kept the radio.

The next car was a 79 Alfetta Sports Sedan, which in a year or so was turboed and lightened. It was rather quick and enjoyed a number of track days.

But back to the radio. Around 1980, Bill bought a Giulietta Spider Veloce and I LOANED Bill the radio, which by that time seemed somewhat vintage. His car already had a mounted antenna, and eventually was passed on to his son, who is still running slaloms with it.

Moving along to last spring, when my recently acquired Spider was coming along with the 2 L. Over a glass of wine or two, Bill offered to return the loaned radio.

I was tempted, but it would require an antenna. So I told Bill that the mention of the obligation after some 25 years was appreciated, and his son could keep it.

Now it seems even more vintage.
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