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This heart came from a 1967 GTV parts car. I wiped it down, but didn't want to polish the patina away prematurely. It appears it got some red & blue paint spatter from its life on a barn shelf. Obviously will polish off.

I had to bump out a dent in the slat/area circled in red. there is a hairline split starting on each side of the return panels/sides with corrosion. No other issues that I can find.

Repros are $300+. Will trade outright for a Giulia Super heart or GTA repro heart.

Motor vehicle Emblem Symbol Grille Car
Bumper Automotive exterior Grille Metal Auto part
Tire Auto part Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system
Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part
Blue Denim Clothes hanger Metal
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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