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steering box wos

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can anyone tell me if a steering box out of a 71 spider will fit a 69 gtv thanks all
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Should not be a problem.
you mean it will fit with no issues thats great thanks you made my nite
In the spiders, there were several changes in the steering column length over these few years. The 70+ cars had a deeper dish in the steering wheel, and a matching shorter column (including different plastics for the clamshell cover).

Did the GTV's make a similar change?

Please read this post.
can anyone tell me if a steering box out of a 71 spider will fit a 69 gtv
I can supply one data point for the cross reference table: When I restored my '66 Sprint GT, I used a '76 spider as a parts donor. The Burman box & column out of the '76 replaced the ZF from the '66 with little difficulty. I think the '76 column was 1/16" or so shorter - I did have to position the aluminum steering column support as far forward as possible, and sand the edges of the shroud a bit to ensure clearance with the base of the steering wheel.
"While the 1973 Spiders retained the same box as 1972, the 73 Berlinas and GTVs got a u-jointed box ("

Does this mean the U-jointed box was only on 73+ berlinas and GTV's?

BTW do you have an alfa manual which talks about u-joint box specific procedures? this is a bit of a black hole in my alfa documentation.
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