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Steering box problem

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Not really sure what happened but after a two week trip I came home to find spirax all over the floor of the garage. The spirax had leaked out of the steering box this is the first and only steering box problem I have ever had. The temperature has been over 100 with heat index around 110 and uber humidity for the past few weeks. My theory is that the oil became more viscous and leaked out or.... the heat shrunk the seals. It has cooled off this week but I'm worried that even if heat was the cause usually leaks don't fix themselves. What do you guys think? Can I rebuild the thing or at least replace the seals?
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Quite puzzling but I don't know if your hot weather is really the cause. Underbonnet temperatures when the engine is running would normally be much hotter than any ambient temperatures, so your steering box has been exposed to much hotter temps than it has endured sitting in your garage the past few weeks.
You sure the steering box didn't crack? Tried refilling it yet?

it appears to be leaking from the very bottom of the box where it attaches to the steering arm? Is it possible to replace this bushing and washer in place?
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