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Starting problems when hot

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I have a problem with my 1900 CSS (Bj 1955): When the engine is hot, I have problems starting it. It really starts easily when cold but when it is hot there is sometimes no chance to get it started. I have the original Solex 40 PII carbs and Bosch distributor. Condensator is new, coil is in good condition. What else could it be? Acceleration pumps?

Regards Lurani
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Hard starting when hot is most often caused by too much fuel. This can be the result of a float that is not adjusted correctly, or perhaps a leaking diaphragm of some sort.

However, it can also be caused by vapor lock. You should check that the fuel line does not get too hot. Is it positioned near the exhaust at any point?

If you pump the gas pedal before trying to start a warm car, perhaps you should try starting without pumping the gas. Even a little too much gas can cause a warm engine to be too rich.

Good luck.
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