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Hello. Removed the starter from my parents 1986 Spider Veloce last summer. To do this, I removed the intake manifold (plenum?) and part of the throttle linkage. Now it is this summer (I'm a teacher and only get to poke at old cars in the summer) and I can remember how the wiring goes back on the starter. I tagged all the other wiring and vacuum hoses, but not the starter wires. Did I do this because both the big black ground and the smaller gauge red power wire attach to the same post (the top one on the solenoid) and I figured why label when they all go back to the same place? There is also what looks to be a thin ground strap running from just underneath the head (or so). Does this attach to the manifold or the starter?

Also, does anyone have a diagram of the throttle linkage so I can put it back together correctly?

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