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Does anyone know if a symptom that seems like a balky starter could be traced to something other than the starter itself?

Recently I had to bring my GTV6 into the shop to have a front guibo replaced, and to put in a fresh starter. This required removing the exhaust system to get at both. So, it made sense to accomplish both in one visit.

My original starter was acting like it had some flat spots. When you cranked it over, it would go: Rrrr... rrrrrr... rrrrr... rrr, and then cuts in completely. Just enough to suggest on it's way south, and I didn't want to get stranded.

I had a couple of used starters, so I took both to a local shop that rebuilds them, to test. I was told one was in better shape... $90 to fix that one. The other needed more help... $190 to fix. I chose the cheaper option. When I got them back, the rebuilt one had a new solenoid on it, but no sign that the starter had actually been cracked into. But, I figured he was the expert so that all was done that needed to be done.

My mechanic put the fresh starter on, and the new one is acting similar to the last! Since I'm not excited about disassembling half the car to get back in there... I'm hoping there is another problem that may be creating this issue. Two different starters... same symptoms.

Are there any other components, between the key and the starter, that might be checked to see if this problem can be corrected... without tearing into the car again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks
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