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I'm in a tangle over starters. Had to replace the original starter in this car, 1974 spider, spica to weber conversion. Guy in auto electric shop confident that a new starter, Bosch SR484X was the exact replacement and sold it to me, said the original was too old to recondition. I put the new starter in, shoulder bolt, shim etc, and it certainly turned the engine over very strongly, quite a bit louder than previous one. After several starts however, failed to engage. So I took it out and found metal filings around the ring gear. Cant tell how bad the gear is damaged because I don't have the experience, but all the teeth are still pretty even looking. Took the starter back to the shop, and he swears blind that this is the exact correct replacement according to all his manuals.

Is this right? I am afraid that the starter has damaged the ring gear and don't want to use it if it is wrong. The one he sold has the correct 9 teeth. I see from other posts that 1972-1974 was an oddball period with 130 tooth ring gears vs the usual 131. Is it possible that all the available bosch manuals overlooked this variance?

Thanks for any suggestions, or for any ideas for authoritative source for compatibility.

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