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I've been sprucing up my Giulia SS a little and noticed one of the OE brake lines looked a little iffy. Instead of replacing piecemeal I wanted to go with stainless. I saw that Inline Tube ( have kits for 101 series on eBay.

My first question is if anybody has used their products, and if so what's the verdict?

My second question is which kit I should order for an 1964 SS. I vaguely recall they have the same wheelbase etc. as the Spider, i.e. I should order a 101 series Spider kit and not a 101 series Sprint kit. Am I correct about that?

My third question is what the take is on stainless versus copper nickel? I'm pretty good at working with copper nickel but wanted that professional look you only get with pre bent lines. By the way I've never been successful with home made stainless lines...

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!
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