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SS, ZF stearing box seal sizes

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Humm? I tried to post this a while ago but it went into space:confused:! Need a little help here. Does anyone know the size of the upper seal on the ZF steering box, below the universals, for a SS? I would like to have one in my hands before I tear into the customers car:rolleyes:. The Alfa Pn is 10120.23.002.02/15.
Thanks for ANY help!:cool: :DGordon Raymond
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The upper seal is 22mm inside dia, 32mm outside dia, 7mm deep/thick. The lower seal is 25mm inside, 36mm outside, 7mm deep/thick. I gave the info to Al as well.

Thanks Brian. Al is H A P P Y:D :Dnow! We also have a nice seal collection for future disasters! :) Thanks for the help!;)

Best, :DGordon Raymond
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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