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Sprint w/ electrical issues... A quick fix?

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hey guys,

i'm looking at buying an 86 sprint. This will be my first alfa so fingers crossed. The owner says it has some electrical issues mainly the instruments not working properly. Does anyone know if this is major issue? is it able to be fixed relatively cheaply?

thanks in advance guys
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If you want a cheap fix.

Avoid the hassle and don't buy the sprint.
haha really? god dam it. i know that sprint's arent exactly gold mines, but id like something to work on, and if i can get it dirt cheap, why not?

so you recommend not even getting it? is it that much of a hassle?
Well there is no cheap way to do it that would be any good.

The -best- way would be to rewire everything that doesn't work, and the requires re-running lots of wires to lots of weird and wacky places.

If you want a project that is rewarding though.. Then by all means, buy an alfa :)

They are worth the troubles.
hehe k sweet. thats what i wanted to hear. i know things'll be difficult... no doubt, its an alfa. but i gotta start somewhere.

cheers lenus
i worked my *** of on my 33 for nearly 4 months every day... from electrics to engine, gearbox and many other things... but belive me it was worth it i am just finishing some details...

golfkiller, i aim to be like you. nothing would be more rewarding than to turn this thing into something killer. seeing as thought its summer and ive got nothing to do but earn money and learn how to fix it, im more than keen to get my hands dirty... now, anyone have a handbook on repairing sprint electrics?
Hi There,

I have found the sprint electrics to be not to bad to repair, mostly poor terminations, bad earths etc. As to a manual there are usually several Haynes manuals on eBay as any given time. The only problem is working out which of the 4 or 5 different diagrams in the book apply to your car! Also where in the world are you based?


thanks for that mo99, a little bit more peace of mind. I'm based in melbourne Australia, i guess the alfa club of victoria will be able to help me out as well... as long as i join...

so you'd recommend the haynes manuals? are they relatively easy for a complete novice like myself? im using this car as a stepping stone, a) coz i like it and b) coz i i want to know what im doing when i eventually get my giulia sprint.

You should be able to find the manuals here:

OO==\°/==OO The Alfa Romeo Sprint related downloads site!

again, courtesy of Face. They are the factory manuals and are hard to follow, but they are worth the effort.

Posting questions on this forum is also a good source of info, particulalry electrical gremlins as someone else has usually had to deal with it before so can save you a lot of trouble.
I was a complete novice when it came to Sprint Electrics. As others have mentioned, its really a matter of cleaning up a lot of earth contacts and checking plugs and switches. Its not hard and sprints have a very simple instrument cluster removal process, fuses are really easy to clean and check. Poor earths are 90% of the problem. Clean them up and you will be laughing!
sweet as! thanks heaps guys. this project more and more viable. just gotta check it out now. VERY excited.

So now we are all just waiting for the pics of your new baby
There is another change that the instrument panel might be borken or cracked at the rear because of wrong removal of the dashboard. i have seen it in couple of cases where the electritian or the owner just didnt know how to removw the panel and cracked the electrical wire panel at the back of the instrment . The had to make some wldings with wires to restore lines but the performance was pooor.
thanks heaps for the responses guys, and yes photos will definitely be up as soon as i get it... cannot wait. i don't think i've been this excited since i knew (and believed) of santa claus' existence and was getting my first bike on christmas day!
If the dash is broken as greek suggests, I have a spare dash for a sprint in my shed.

It will be good to have another regular on the forums I hope :).
hehe thanks for all the help guys... unfortunately, i lost the auction. im so devastated. i was dead set on buying it, just waiting for the auction to hopefully have no bids so i could call him today and offer him a price.

ebay really cuts my cabana sometimes
should've just offered him something...
also, for you aussies out there, (particularly vics) if u buy an alfa unregistered and unroadworthy, to get it registered again, does just a roadworthy from a mechanic suffice? or does it have to go to the TAC or something for a FULL scrutineering?
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