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So I'm finally the shiny new owner of a 2000 Sprint 1961

Silver, LHD, AR 10205106396 with engine: AR 6396

Pictures coming soon...

After many weeks of discussing, searching, and reading these forums - plus fixing up a few odds and ends with the brakes and clutch before buying it, I picked up the car last week and drove it back to London.

Now that I have it I can begin to see what it needs and there's a list. Quite a long one too.
But it seems very simple to get sorted. Mostly cosmetic, but with a few tricky items too. I've listed them below so if anyone has any ideas as to where I might find these things, and indeed has any advice in general it would be very welcome.

The car is soon to be at Alfarama. We've used them a lot before with our Giulia GTC and Giulia SS - they've been superb. Ramesh is going to get the engine running as best he can, the wiper motor and action fixed up (it's useless) and the brakes set properly. After that the car comes home, to be made ready for the Alfa Centinial year ahead.

So here's the list, in no specific order:

Engine/ clutch/ gearbox:
Looks and sounds ok. Compression tests are even and peak around 9/9.5 bar
Oil pressure seems to be a little low (?) at 45lb when cold and on load, but dropping to 25/30lb on idle when warm (with load pressures remaining at around 45).
Water temp and Oil temp gauges dont seem to work yet.
There's a misfire - more a mixture issue than electrical I think. The carbs (original twin Solex) have had new rubber mount gaskets fitted, which I'm told need to be run-in? This sounds odd to me, but apparently after a few hundred Km they can be torqued-up and this should fix the foul-air problem giving the misfire - advice on this would be much appreciated as I know Solex's can be tricky.
I'll also know more once Alfarama have given me some thoughts and have fiddled a little bit.
There're a few minor oil leaks to attend to as well, but otherwise, apart from some cleaning and eventually some painting and finishing, the engine looks sound. Fingers crossed.

Bodywork: All seems perfect. Remarkable I think. Cant find any filler at all, nor any visible rust damage - the underside looks very good, with some weather protection needed but the solidity of the car is one of it most impressive features it seems.

At first glance it all looks great. Well worn, but loved and still complete. However, it needs some attention if I want it to be comfortable and well prepared (which I do). The sun-roof is fantastic and something I've not seen on any other Sprint, and it is factory fitted too apparently - need to check this out if I can find a way. The leather seats are all original, carpets too, plus the switches etc, however the seats have collapsed (foam) and need to be totally refurbished. They've also been painted (colanised?) from Burgundy leather to Beige. A good job was done, but seems a long time ago, so there are many cracks and scratched off areas showing through.

I'd really like some advice here... I'm thinking that I'll have to refurbish/ rebuild the interior seats and replace the carpet. I've recently bought the relevant cardisc DVD but I haven't yet found the interior parts list (if there is one) so if anyone can help with parts drawings, meter lengths of hide, recommendations on foam and templates etc. - that would make a huge difference.

Essentially I think I'll end up refurbishing the interior from the rear parcel shelf to dashboard leather. We'll see.

Miscellaneous things:

Hub caps - I'm not sure the ones I have are original. The factory pics I've seen of the Sprint have a more simple styled hub cap with no 'sunken indent' centrally. The originals seem to be just a plain, smooth, concave cap with a slightly raised Alfa logo in the centre. So I may try and find some of those. Any thoughts?

Boot interior:
There seems to be no interior other than a rubber mat over the spare wheel. It looks as if all the covering/ compartments eg: around the battery (both sides) or the back of the seats have been removed. I'm not sure without a parts list what is missing, so if anyone has any information on what the interior of the boot should look like - from rubber mats to compartment covers (?) that'd be great.

Pretty un-impressive. So need to look into fan strengths, motors, blockages and vents. May even need some spare parts?

Build dates/ Factory dates:
Does Alfa have a system that helps people track where their cars were sold to and dates they were made? (in the same way Porsche do) I'd like to get as much history as I can, as there seems to be very little - other than contacting the previous owner, which I will try to do.

So that's about it for a first glance on what I think needs to be done. I'll add more as I become aware and begin to live with the car. Hopefully for many years to come. Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts anyone may have.

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all... having an Alfa next year should be fun!

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Thank you Redmerlin, I'm confused too as to why the dealer I bought it from is saying the carbs need 'running-in' - i need to get more clarification. Either way, I'll take your advice and start a wider search too.

The GTC and the SS are my fathers - he's had the GTC for 20 years and the SS just recently. The 2000 Sprint is the only one that's mine.

PM on the way to you about the seats.

Thanks again.
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