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Congratulations on a very rare car.

With most items I cannot help, with respect to your car's history, please find attached a link to the archivo storico, they have an excellent service, for all my cars they were able to provide the manufacturing date, the first purchaser and color and trim specs.

Send your vin # to Marco Fazio at Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo [email protected]

Furthermore on the giulietta section of the forum there is a picture thread for the 750/101/102 cars. There is another 2000 sprint posted in the Netherlands.
post 74, you should find it on this page.

I have included the pic for you, it should be able to answer some of the questions you have, but the original posting has the owners userid. You might want to check his other postings as they are often on the 2000 sprint.

Have a great 2010, enjoy the Alfa centinental celebrations and I might see your car somewere.



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