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Spring Tour - April 9-10, Anza Borrego Springs

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The annual Spring Driving Tour moves to early spring this year and we’re heading south to the Anza
Borrego Desert in search of wildflowers, ancient art by the ancients, and more great times with good
The whims of the weather will dictate how much natural beauty we can enjoy, but our destination
location is decided: Palm Canyon Resort in Borrego Springs!
The old-west style hotel is situated on the doorstep of beautiful Anza Borrego Desert State Park, and has
a pool, hot tub, restaurant and ****tail lounge. We have 15 rooms set aside at a great rate of $110 per
standard king / double occupancy, or two-queen for anyone wishing to share at just $20 per additional
person per room. You must say you are with the Alfa Club and book by March 15 (new extended date) to lock in this rate!!
Palm Canyon Resort, Borrego Springs California USA
We will meet Saturday morning April 9 in Orange County. Location and time as well as detailed route instructions will be revealed after you RSVP to Elyse & Jim Barrett at [email protected] or 714.964.9530.
You don't have to be an Alfa Club member to come along. However, you must fulfill one of these requirements:
1. Own an Alfa Romeo
2. Know somebody who owns an Alfa Romeo
3. Have a weird desire to maybe, one day, own an Alfa Romeo

Caution: Some first time, non club members have attended these things and have later become active Alfa Club members.
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I'm really going to try to get my Spider running in time for this.
Room reservation date extended to Mar 15

We have 13 rooms booked. A few more left.
The room reservation date has been extended to Tues Mar 15.
So get to it. You know you are planning to go.

And, just in case you cannot get your Alfa in shape, no big deal. You are granted a one time (at least till the next time) AROSC waiver to bring a non Alfa. The point is to see your shining face.
It helps to make up some Alfa logo, or dig up an old grill, and tape/wire it on to the car. We've been fooled by less. . . .
Is this a spirited driving tour, or a mosey-on-down-there tour?
Good question.
More touring than time trial. A chance to enjoy the view. This is a couples weekend so we keep the speeds in the twisty parts brisk, but not white knuckle. This helps keep the picnic lunch from slamming around the car. The picnic lunch I know all of you have started planning.
And with a 15 - 20 caravan this helps keep the group together.

If you want high speed come out to the High Performance Driving School the next weekend.
I had the pleasure of piloting a 24-year old Swedish Brickwagon for the Spring Driving Tour Director and her blue-eyed accomplice today. We like to pre-run the route and check out the ancillary cultural phenomenon we will visit and utilize (including nourishment).

This route is quite nice and has a variety of driving opportunities. There really isn't a lot of freeway usage (thankfully), and mostly it consists of two-lane back roads and county highways. California at its best!

There are plenty of drop-dead gorgeous views, geologic and ancient wonders, and a general appreciation of the largest national park in California (650K acres!).

It was in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon, and there was the beginning of lots of wildflowers; I have no idea how many we'll see in a month.

We began in Huntington Beach, and made it back after 330 miles on one tank of gas; the trusty Swedish lump with the 5-speed probably got 24 MPG.

Hope you all enjoy the trip!
I think Jim/Cobralfa just said the route looked nice and that we all will enjoy the Spring Driving Tour in April.

obtw: Jim and wife Elyse are the perpetrators of the Spring Tour.

The referenced Sweedish vehicle is, of course, the Concours de LeMons Sweedish Meatball class winner, 2009.
A few photos from the Anza Borrego Tour

Another great spring tour. Where else can you go from cold/snow to hot/desert in the same day, but in Southern California?


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Yet more photos from Anza Borrego

I guess shots of my Duetto sort of dominate these photos


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Here's a couple of mine that I thought came out well...


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No problems with Italian cars here

The only car issue the whole weekend was caused by a stuck Prius that we came upon. He was positioning for a photo op with the animals and sank in the sand. We provided the people power to get him unstuck.
Several of us cried "Fix It Again Tony", only this time Tony was fixing a Toyota.
obtw to gain traction the Prius guy used his floor mats under the wheels. So here is a definate case where Toyota floor mats actualy saved a life.
Yup, those are large metal sculptures. What else is there to do out in the desert when you have some property, a lot of metal and time on your hands.


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