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Spring 2011 Tour

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Here's a few shots of some highlights of yesterday's Spring Tour. Nice Job John & Kim! Great route and nice end point! Extra scrilla for the good swag.


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LJK Setright, the famous journalist for CAR magazine, spent some time in Austin and dearly wanted to stay. He referred to Texas as "blessed Texas". He was right. Kim and John always put on well planned, highly enjoyable tours through the Hill Country.

It always amazes me how close we all live to this gearhead paradise. 30 minutes and you're on nearly deserted back roads with gorgeous scenery---(and cattle). :) This time we had to compete for space with bicycle riders. Generally the Alfas and the bicycle riders got along well.
How true Jim. Yea John, I forgot to mention how thoughtful it was to have the police escort on the Willlow Loop road to protect us from those cyclists. I got 75 pics but want to see some others also! B


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Ross's Crippled Spider

Thanks to everyone for their compassion during our ordeal when my Spider decided to quit the tour. Janet and I are most appreciative to those who cut short their Spring Tour to help us out. Joe, Evan, Jimmy, Bill, Misocka, Reinert, Bob and others were buzzing around the car like a pit crew at the Indy 500. But, if you think about it, I was stranded in the most remote part of Central Texas. If I had to hand pick any group of Alfa experts to suddenly appear, I couldn't have handpicked a better group. And a special thanks to Bob who drove back to Austin to get his trailer. When we picked the car up, it had been vandalized by the native cattle, snapping off my antenna, bending back my mirror and the worst part, drooling all over my car. But there again, everyone drools over Alfas. Don't they?

Thanks to the greatest Alfa club!!
Ross & Janet
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