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The following events are fictional only. I will deny their validity or any relationship to real or imagined events in a court of law.

I had an adventure.

I'm still getting familiar with my 1969 spider so I took it up to Seattle. It started to rain and the wipers stopped. Checked the fuses, OK. The car had come up from California so the PO probably never used them much. Head scratcher. I finally figured out the were setup wrong, too close, and were jamming! Probably never had been used after the car was resprayed and were put back on wrong.

I had half a tank of gas, not familiar with this particular car, but I couldn't believe I would go through half a tank of gas in 41 miles! Gauge must be wacky. So I filled up in Seattle, 11.55 gallons!!! I was close to pushing it to the gas station, in South Seattle, rush hour, wife would not be happy.

Got back home, 7 gallons in about 55 mi!

Then car stopped (at the autoparts store) and I had to use my car trailer to load it up and get it home. Scratched the paint loading in on the lower nose cowling. Oh well, that will take me a whole day and $200 dollars worth of paint. Of course, I'm respraying another green one so that won't be more than the time to primer sad (yes, sad, not sand), primer sand etc. etc. Luckily you can't see it because it's on the lower cowling and the $2000 plus front nose, never hit, is still alive and well. Yes, $2000 at least when you figure all the stainless jewelry and body work to fix it, and of course, the nose is never the same again.

But after replacing fuel filters, still not starting, and suspecting the T/A all along (what do I know, Merritt Carden and I took off my SPICA in 1975 & I'm a Weber guy, that's what they used in Europe, right) I kept sleuthing and a few curses, well a lot of curses about SPICA, to be honest. I never learned these beasts, and I know Wes Ingram loves them and has them perfected, but I was not happy. But I finally traced it all to the Shankle Sure Start at the pump, surprise, broken.

The lever wasn't working because the cable was broken, probably at the accel housing lever.

Sad to say, I'd left a used T/A I'd purchased in Texas (premonition and maybe some planning), so Spinaci sits in the garage until I return from TX next time. I was a bit absent minded 20 years ago too, so I'm going to kid myself that maybe dementia or Alzheimers hasn't kicked in yet, at least concerning the T/A.

I could probably repair the cable in the sure start today, but I'm running out of time. I still have to go visit a very good friend and pickup Spinaci 2. Her husband died a few months ago. Derald was working on her Porsche and another roundtail when he died in March. Luckily her car will get done by another expert and I'll muddle along with my 68 spider as best I can. I lost a very good friend.

I'm going to give MR. SPICA one more chance before I pull the 1750 and put the lonely 2 liter I have sitting in the corner of my garage with Webers, hot cams which really grunts and snorts power into the 69. I believe in second, third, fourth chances.
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