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Spiders in my Spider GRRR!

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Okay actually they are spider mites, chiggers to be exact. Been a problem in the garage all spring and summer now it seems they are in my car. I have tried several different over the counter pesticides on them but nothing seems to keep them away for very long. A few days ago I went for a nice long drive in the Alfa and saw a couple of the little tiny adult chiggers crawling in there with me. From what I've read, it's the larva that cause the itching and of course now I have a couple of the now very familiar big *** itchy red spots all over my arms, and the poor dog is who was riding with me is covered in bites, so I'm guessing there are a few larva in the car too.

Anybody have a solution for killing these things that works?
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They don't like acetone (you know, real nail polish remover not that fruity 'all natural' crap) or kerosene and will avoid it's presence and odor.

You can also use acetone on the bites to help sooth them a bit (kerosene is up to you on that one....)
I hear that they hate high speeds, too.;)
At least you don't have snakes in your Spider!:eek:

see post 103:D

I once had a maggot problem in the car... :eek: Billions of 'em. The problem was, they would wiggle into the loop of the carpet, so getting them out without squishing them was a bit difficult. I eventually removed all of the carpet, and vacuumed them up. I would then wait 20 minutes, and more would wiggle out, and I'd vac them up, too.

Anyway, about your chigger problem, I thought that they (like fleas) cannot survive without something to eat (you or a dog). Would it help to not go in the car for a week or so? Perhaps this will cause them to all die out?
Wow, that's a wierd one. You might try putting a few mothballs in a pie pan and closing them in the car for a few days. Park in the sun. These critters are practically bulletproof, and I don't know how to prevent re-infestation.
For anyone who has never experienced chigger bites, they are really a drag...a terrorist with a quart jar full of them could rule whe world!
Perhaps shampoo-ing the carpets with flea & tick soap?

Put a flea & tick bomb in your car?

I was gonna suggest some flea & tick collars as ankle braclets until I saw this.

Here's a non-chemical trick: place a pan on soapy water in the foot wells. Position a small light about 12" above the pan of soapy water. Leave the light on over night. The bugs will be attracted to the light and fall into the soapy water and drown.
Okay, I'm pretty sure these particular chiggers like accetone. They may even be addicted. Little tweeker party chiggers maybe, or "twiggers" if you prefer.:D I only think this because I just finished a floor and stringer replacement in my boat and the whole garage still reeks of accetone and fiberglass resin, yet the chigger problem seems to be getting worse not better.

I do have some flea & tick stuff from the dog, maybe I'll give that a shot.
WARNING!!! The following is very dangerous and can result in death or severe suffering with lifetime debilitating injuries

Put the top up.
Roll the windows up.
Put an open metal coffee can on the floor.

Take a deep breathe and hold it, then into the coffee can put 1 pint of chlorine bleach and 1 pint of ammonia.

Close the door and come back the next day to vacuum up the corpses brutalized by a horrific death from ammonium~cloride gas....

It works for anything that breathes air, up to and including those sexy fireant mounds. (just pour the two parts onto the mound and it'll mix in thier little underground chambers where they die in place)
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I like that one! Bleach and Drano will do it too.
Better living through chemistry.
I might try a bug bomb before the nerve gas though :rolleyes:
Just a few drops of Frontline rubbed into the base of the back of your neck should do it;);)
The dog actually has Frontline on, and by the looks of her belly, it doesn't kill chiggers.
I spend lots of time out in the woods where ticks and chiggers lurk.:eek: I spray my socks and pants with permethrin, they hate that stuff.:D Check at an Agri supply store or sometimes an outdoor sports type store.
Now if I could find something that worked as good for timber rattlers:eek:
12 gauge :D Might not work on the chiggers though :rolleyes: But seriously, a good shop vac, and something as mentioned above to flush them out should do it.
I suppose it could be done like getting rid of crabs:

Shave one side, set the other on fire, then stab the little buggers when they come running out......
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