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Okey here is how everything start...:cool:

Again summer was here...and we didn't broke the last year record by 2F:p degrees (123F!:eek: , “F” as an Fahrenheit ok!) nevertheless the motor was running 220F almost all the time, that is right before the red zone…, even at nights when the temp goes around 90F...:confused:

So I look into, coolant, coolant additives, water pump, belts, fans and so on, and even took the thermostat off… everything seems OK…:confused::mad::confused:

SO, I start to believe, after some read around here and there, that my radiator could be block, I took different temp measurement at the body of the radiator and seams ok but to be sure… and to make my 2 month history short…I took it to the radiator shop and say “flush and test flow only”….well they :mad:#&[email protected]$^#&*$^#9 :mad:disassemble! You can image the rest…

Ok…they admit their mistake:cool:, blab la bla… and they are building a custom metal one for me, metal as standard I believe copper/bronce (?) one…all this after we look for a new one, but the almost 700$:eek: for a new was out of the picture…believe me, I try my best…

My questions for the board is:

1.- Taking for fact that all the radiator specifications (dimension, capacity, same old fans…) are all equal, which will have better performance/endurance:

a.- The original Plastic/Aluminum

b.- Aluminum

c.- Copper/Bronce type.

2.- Does anybody knows the exact capacity of the original radiator by itself? My best guess after all my test is 1.25Lts…

3.- Does any body know how many cubic feet/minute (flow) pull each standart fan?

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