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I know there have been a number of posts here before but I wanted to pass on some information. I have spent more than 10 hours trying to figure out why my directional flasher on my 1990 Spider Graduate was not working. Tested nearly everything. Replaced the flasher unit. When I moved the directional on the steering column to either left or right I had a clicking and when I traced all of the terminals it all looked fine. I cleaned every ground wire I could find. UGH! but....... then I was reading someones post on this site and they mentioned how they went to the store, bought a Tridon EL13 flasher, pluged it in and it worked. I must admit I was very skeptical as the model (which I don't remember) was not the same. Anyway...after hitting a wall I decided to give it a try.

Sure enough, after removing the relay next to the flasher (as it was blocking the new EL13 (which is round) from pluging in), I turned on the left turn signal and it worked great; then the right - just find; and finally the hazard warning lights - yipee!

The only issue I ran into (as mentioned) is that the new unit is round and won't fit (the round peg in a square hole issue). Anyway.... a quick trip to the workshop and the grinder....gently and carefully removed excess it fits snugly into place.

Thanks to this BB, and specifically the people who participate, I found a solution!!!



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