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Spider S4 interior rear view mirror - warning!

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I'm a bit stupid sometimes:rolleyes:

The warning is if your mirror glass seems cloudy and beyond cleaning, don't go buying another one:eek:

Just disassemble the original (it easily pops off the screen frame & the mirror itself comes apart easily too) and you will notice that the reflective mirror glass is protected by a piece of clear glass.

The inside of said clear glass was filthy on mine but cleaned up a treat with some AG glass cleaner:cool:

So, I now have a "new" spare mirror to sell:rolleyes:

You live & learn:)


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Wow. Thank you. I acquired this '85 Graduate a short while back and you can't imagine how many times I've gotten in and looked into a cloudy rearview. Not a big deal and I usually forget about it and so never look for a fix or order a new one.

I'm headed out to the garage right now to pull the mirror and see if I can clean it.

Knobbie, have no fear. I cleaned mine a couple of days ago before reading this post. The front black piece will snap off the mirror, (no need to detach mirror from car) then you can clean the glass cover front and back and the mirror behind the glass. Just snap the cover back on and you are done!
Amazing! Just went out there and first tried to figure out how to detach the unit, saw it wasn't going to be easy, so figured I'd try to pop the front off.

It worked. Popped off the front, the little clear glass drops out, I look in thinking this can NOT be this simple. The mirror is actually crystal clear. The little front glass has 26 years of cloudiness on it.

Two paper towels and some Windex later, its popped back on the car and looks perfect.

I'd often thought I'd just buy a new RView when I replace the door mirrors somewhere down the road.

Again, Thanks for taking the time to post.

i allway liked the motorcycle rider..esp.. when it got really cold...he tryed to warm himself on the motorcycle motor,, funny
Amazing! Just went out there and first tried to figure out how to detach the unit, saw it wasn't going to be easy
Grab on firmly, snatch back and upward in a brisk motion and in your hand it will be.
As Darren says, pull back & up. It needs surprisingly little force:)
On several occasions I have just taken both the mirror glass and clear glass pieces to a local glass shop and had them cut new pieces for me. The older mirrors often have corrosion that won't clean up. I don't recall ever having spent more than around $10.
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