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spider s4 hardtop leaking

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can anyone help i need new seals for my hardtop (the ones that press onto the door windows.
i cant seam to get any anywhere

just wondering if anyone has had the same problem and if they have a solution. the car is water tight with the soft top up but leaks like a seive with the hard top on. i bought this car primarily as it had a hardtop so i coud use it all year round
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the windows are supposed to go up an inch higher than the vent-windows and standard model have them.

replacement rubber for the hardtop is a tough find. there are 3 sets. one for the windows, one for the front, and one for the rear rim.

you can find the one you need in stock at this link:
click here>>

There is definately something very wrong with your car. I would have it looked at asap!!!

The tip off being that your Spider is watertight with the soft top up. It is not supposed to do that. :)
Ciao Siciliano! Friulano here....

You need to check on the RE Originals "Lateral Side Gaskets" #10070320 @$180. They show no picture.

My Quad's OEM factory top has continuous gasket from window to window across the top (inside), one piece. So what part are they providing?

I have researched the factory top gasket issue and found that 2000 - 2005 the Acura 3.5RL door gasket (on the door not the frame) may be a good fix candidate. Also have a look at for profiles.

Keep us informed..

Ciao Guido, Ing Elio Comello
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If reoriginals cant help out you may want to try out of Germany.
They list the parts your looking for and price so hopefully they have them in stock.
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