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Good day to all .

I would like to open this subject. Over the years I collected a lot of Alfa parts mainly for spider and GTV. At the moment I have 3 spider bodies. S1 ; S2 and S3. S2 is early model 1971 however I think the first one that has different dashboard with 1300cc engine. 90% rebuild missing only brakes to be restored and engine that is rebuilt to standards to start . S1 is in bad shape and I was collecting parts for that model: 2 sets of bumpers dash board 2 sets and I have almost everything double . S3 is Zender conversion and from that model I was using some parts when building my S2. Doors 2l engine as original 1300cc is not strong enough and some other parts . As I have a lot of parts for S1 I was searching in last few years for S1 body to make 2 S1 cars . Few of them were located in US as well as in Germany however because of regulations taxes in my country and distance it was hard for me to get them . Just to mention I am from Serbia where I live and I work on cruise ship sailing from FLL Florida .Last year I found all outer panels for S1 in Germany front and back part And while I was thinking price was good under 1k euros for everything and somebody purchased them . Now I got another chance and I got front part only . Left and right fenders around hood and part with bump that is connecting them . I am missing only lower part to complete whole front part . Idea behind is to strip S3 from outside body panels and make it S1. I will still keep original S3 wind shield and sun roof . And all mechanical parts front and rear suspension. And I will be still looking for original tail lights and back body panels . Please advise if this is possible if not I will not invest more money in conversion as body parts for S 1 are expensive .
I will attach some parts purchased.

Thank you .



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