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Hi All,
When I first bought my project spider I removed the entire A/C system. Its time for me to sell it and make space in my garage. A bit of research tells me that this is the Behr unit installed at the dealer for S2 spiders. I was unable to test its operation, but all the components are in decent shape.

Please PM with questions or offers.

  • The under-dash control unit, which mounts on the driver's side. Plastic is good. $30
  • The under-dash condenser and blower unit(which was tested and works). Could use a coat of SEM vinyl dye. Plastic is good. $50
  • The hose that connects the two units, and the driver's side vent.
  • The hoses were cracking, so all I kept were the evaporator couplings.
*note the dryer is not included, as those are disposable items.
*Compressor bracket has been sold.

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