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Offerring a set of Sachs air shocks for 1966-1994 Spider in excellent, slightly used perfectly-performing condition. Retailers are currently selling these for about $85 each plus shipping and tax, take mine for $65 a set plus your choice of shipping.

Also have a 1960's period Blaupunct AM-FM radio with faceplate in excellent patina'ed working condition for a reasonable offer.

And finally, I will be offerring soon four original Alfa Romeo, Inc. advertising full-sized full color mock-ups of popular brochures from the 1980's for Spider, GTV-6 (the one featuring Mario Andretti), Overseas Delivery and the launch of the Alfetta in North America. These are to be considered original artworks suitable for framing on both sides and are the exact size and configuration of the brochures you are likely to have collected or seen at one time or another. Each one is truly a one of a kind object d'arte in that they are beautifully handmade and are the only ones ever created prior to production.

And soon I will also be opening my rare collection of Alfa Romeo brochures from the European market circa soon as I have time to photograph and assemble them. If you are looking for a truly 'unobtainium' brochure to fufill a personal collection for original press kits and an example Alfasud 1300 through Alfa 90 presskits ...the original limited edition Alfetta taxi with cylinder cut-off ....(featured today in Chrysler automobiles) ...obtained by me through my factory friends while working for Autodelta in Milano four decades ago...kindly drop me an email. I will accept PayPal. This is the first notice of the opening of this collection in four decades. Some are in French, German, Dutch and of course Italian and most are examples you have never seen.

Also have a rare Il Quadrifoglio factory-bound edition of four quarterly Il Quadrifoglio issues assembled in hard cover format together in 1973...featuring interesting Autodelta racing articles, product launches and propaganda, and the best part....the original ads for the Alfa Romeo cars of that era.

You can inquire with me at Paralegal [email protected] for further details. Thank you.
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