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Spider Parts

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Cleaning out my Alfa parts.

Pictured below are:
1. A like new fender cover, with nice mesh pockets to hold tools and small parts. Asking $25 + shipping;

2. Console side panels for S2-S3 Spider, nice shape, NOT for A/C; $30 + shipping;

3. Arm rests, S3. Nice condition, no tears. Chrome strip better than most, which isn't saying much. "chrome" finish gone from triangular covers, as shown. $25 + shipping or $10 if you buy the side panels too (such a deal);

4. Rare emergency window crank handle for Spiders with power windows (1980 onwards). $30 + shipping.

Special offer: Buy the lot for $75 + shipping.

Shipping to CONUS only. Payment by Paypal preferred.


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More stuff

Some additional stuff for sale:

1. New in package, Spider windshield gasket + (5) clips for the trim. IAP sells for $65 for the gasket. $50 for all, plus shipping.

2. Headrests, black w/ red stitching. No tears. Leather a bit stiff on the one, but should soften up with some treatment. From late S3 IIRC. $20 + shipping

Shipping to CONUS only; Paypal preferred.

Thanks for looking!


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The fender cover and the windshield gasket are sold. Thanks!

Make me an offer on the other stuff somebody!
Hi Andy I will take the 2 console covers if you will ship it to canada. PayPal is no problem

Sorry, the console panels are sold.
Armrests and crank sold.

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