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Spider door gasket

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I am looking for an original passenger side door weatherstripping for my 91 spider. The one with the felt that goes all around the door. NOS would be great but would consider used if it is in great condition.
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For something like rubber, I’d definelty go new. They are readily available at various alfa parts suppliers for not much money.
Was looking for something original if possible
Was looking for something original if possible
My concern would be that 30 year old rubber is going to be degraded even if NOS.
Yes, I understand. Just hard to find an original one.
FYI, I have found the felt covered ones from a German company active on eBay, Italien Car Parts. I have actually purchased a couple of the felt covered sets from them. They carry a bunch of NOS Alfa parts, but I believe that these felt door weatherstrips are actually aftermarket, not NOS, but I am not exactly sure about that. They look just like the originals to me, though.
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