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Spider antenna replacement

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The power antenna on my '89 spider does not work. I've read that the original motors are prone to failure. Centerline sells a replacement for a whopping $126....and I'm not sure that the one from IAP will fit in the passenger rear of my car.

Anyone know of other sources for a replacement?

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Greg - off topic, but are you in New Orleans LA? My hometown...
Greg - off topic, but are you in New Orleans LA? My hometown...
Yep, moved here in 2007 for graduate school at Tulane.
Did you search??

I'm in the middle of my antenna project...$27 off E-bay...installed yesterday but not working; my splice of the antenna cable didn't hold. Will get pictures up but see ...if you aren't a purist it seems like this can work with some slight mods. My antenna was a Harada which was snapped off.:cool:
FYI - I talked to IAP and the power antenna they sell (part no. 29256) does not fit the rear fenders of our spiders.
I am also from New Orleans - first uptown and then out into Metairie. Have both my undergrad and my JD from Tulane.

Dean Mandlebaum
I am also from New Orleans - first uptown and then out into Metairie. Have both my undergrad and my JD from Tulane.

Dean Mandlebaum
Awesome! I live Uptown on Broadway.
Update: I bought a Doorman 9-425...$66 on Amazon...I will report back if it fits. If not, Amazon has a great return policy.
Awesome! I live Uptown on Broadway.
Hey, that's my hometown too! Born and raised in Old Metarie, Country Day, then LSU (father is a Tulane grad). Haven't been back since Katrina, but hear things are back in swing. Must be something about Alfa Spiders and NOLA roots :)
I was not living in N.O. at Katrina time, but arrived there on Day Two when I took over command of all military troops in the stricken area. I have been back on extended stays several times since then. Since moving to Oklahoma in the late 80s, we try to get back a couple of times a year - or more.
I lived uptown on the corner of Nashville and Rocheblave for many years and then moved out to Cleveland Blvd. in Metairie.
We had a party last month with over 30 couples in our back yard. I wanted an unusual dessert, so I called down and had a doberge cake overnighted up to Tulsa. It was the hit of our party!
If you have not been back since Katrina, you really should go. Lakeview, Gentilly, definitely the Ninth Ward and even some of the lovely old homes in old Metairie were devastated. The Quarter, Garden District, the University Section and Magazine Street have bounced back and show no signs of any storm. The attitudes among the homeowners and the merchants is very upbeat and positive.
WHOOPS! My apologies. I highjacked this link and diverted it to a discussion on New Orleans.

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Apology Accepted!

It's wonderful to make new friends but that's why we have PM :D
Hey guys,

Wanted to report on the Doorman 9-425. You can make it fit under the fender...its a tight fit...but the mounting heads that come with the antenna require a 1" hole and the original hole in the fender is more like 3/4". I didn't feel like modifying the I am going to return the Doorman, and get the one from Centerline.
Update on install

OK I've gone as far as I can :confused: with my low-cost EBay antenna either exactly or very similar to this: Power Antenna Kit Alfa Romeo 77-94 Spider 87-89 Milano | eBay I paid about a dollar less. First pic should be a side by side with the old broken Harada; they're about the same overall size but are shaped a little different. Next pic will show the "modification" :D I made to allow a little better fitment. I sawzalled off two threaded nubs / standoffs off the bottom. 3rd pic shows all the various mounting heads for different fender shapes. I used the smallest, flattest head available.


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Final chapter - cheap antenna

Mounted the antenna to the fender by using the old threaded collar from the Harada around the mast (new unit didn't have one included) and had to use the old and new strapping strips at close to a right angle to get a solid mount to the mast and the old screw / grounding point. Soldered some wires from the old snap connector to the new antenna and spliced the antenna cable from the radio to the new (threaded) cable (The Harada was hard wired to the mast). Fired the car and radio up and nothing...:eek:. Test light shows I got power from the radio but not the hot all the time red wire. When I connected the snap connectors before removing the old unit, I got some whirring before I pulled things apart so I wonder if there's an in line fuse near the radio that's gone...beyond my skills or bravery now but don't think it's the unit's fault.

Pics show the fender mount area - beneath the old plastic trim the fender seemed rusted so I hit it with Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator -flat black. My paint sucks anyways...:D.

Last pic of the mast rigging...Probably getting a new head unit for an Ipod connection in the near future. From some pros...

Oh yeah, Happy Day Boys...


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Update: I got the antenna from Centerline. Its Metra Part# 44PW32. You can buy it at advance autoparts for $90 shipped vs. $150 shipped from centerline.

Buy Metra Antenna 44-PW32 at Advance Auto Parts
I decided to replace with the non power antenna on my 79, save some problems, by the way I live in New orleans (west bank) since 1994 . Tulane of course.
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