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1974 Alfa Romeo spider
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I bought a 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider not running and found that although the car is tired and needs work, it is very original to the point of having the grill guard still installed. Of course it still has the original Spica fuel injection system (a large part of why it wasn't running) that once set up and repairs were made ran rather well with a basic tune. My original idea was to remove the fuel injection system and replace with carburetors but considering the age, originality and increasing values of these cars, decided to give the fuel injection a fair shake. I know that the Spica injection system was created to meet EPA requirements in the USA but I now hear that the injection system is equivalent or superior to carburetors. My question is this, after Alfa Romeo went through the trouble and research & development of the Spica system why didn't they offer it in other markets? Porsche offered the 911 with a mechanical injection system "E", BMW offered a mechanical injection system "TII", Peugeot and Triumph offered it as well. Most of these systems were thought to be an upgrade to the basic carburetor systems. Funny thing was that some were not offered in the USA due to emission restrictions. My understanding was that the system was begrudgingly created and they didn't offer any information for fear of breaking EPA laws. They did offer variations on the Montreal and other models, but not on the production twin cam engine outside of the USA. Does anyone know what Alfa Romeo reasoning was?
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